Kristen Britain’s Blackveil

If you’ve read Blackveil, you probably already know where this is going.

How many years will it be, Kristen? Can you give us a ball park? Think you can tie up a certain plot line before the solar flares in 2012 knock out the Int3rw3b5? (Well, whatever. Just in case.)



A’ight. So, recap:

Karigan G’ladheon, whose name’s apostrophe actually seems reasonable, is a Green Rider, one of King Zachary’s elite and moderately magical mail couriers.

She, however, is not the king’s mistress, although he did once suggest to her that the position was open.

But wait, I’m making this sound ridiculous. It’s not, really. Nor is my aggravation at certain developments designed by the Evil Overlord (Britain) to keep the two apart.

Wait, I’m sorry, Ms. Britain! You aren’t the Evil Overlord, not at all! You’re super awesome! (Aren’t you? I don’t actually know.) Well, your books are. So write some more of them, now!

Ahh. Now that that’s out of my system, here are my predictions:

At the end of the book, Karigan is in the castle’s catacombs (But WHEN is she, hmm? Not conveniently in the time she was in when she busted the mask and went to space or whatever that was). She won’t die from suffocating in the sarcophagus (the big stone box she’s trapped in). How do I know she won’t die? 1) The publisher wouldn’t allow it; and 2) She was just in the arms of Westrion, The Birdman, the God of Death. Why the hell would he take her OUT of the void-with-a-gravitation-like-force and put her BACK in the world of the living, just so she can die five minutes later? That would be silly, and Westrion is anything but silly (unless feathery = silly).

Or maybe Karigan is actually on the Weapons’ super secret island (read this prediction at I think SOMEONE is going to go there. Who, I don’t know. It just sounds too badass not to write about.

That marriage thing? A’int gonna last. I don’t know if Karigan will mess with any threads (possible timelines) that will cause the marriage not to have been moved up, or if it will end for another reason (Zachy fully regrowing the pair he apparently lost in the attack, perhaps).

Zachary will receive Karigan’s just-in-case-I-die-in-the-forest-of-doom letter. If they actually get to spend more than 1/6 of a minute together in the next book (I’m not putting anything past you, lady), he just might do something about it.

It’ll turn out that though Spane is the douchiest of all douches, he does know his gossip: Estora will be revealed as the daughter of the unnamed minstrel *cough* Aaron Fiori *cough cough* I could be wrong, but assuming he passed his musical ability to Estora, she’ll have something more to do than date r4p3 the king (yeah, I said it). Send her pretty little @55 to the wall while Estral is (TEMPORARILY, dammit!) voiceless.

Oh, and Lala can f*cking die. Or be redeemed and taught not to be a l’il creepster. Hey, most kids take something that isn’t theirs at some point. Plenty of them grow up to understand that stealing is wrong. And somebody’s gotta be able to work at crimes scenes and in morgues without barfing. Of course, most of these people DON’T PRACTICE DARK MAGIC SO DARN WELL. So she can die, but only after sacrificing Grandmother (out of context, this sounds really bad, doesn’t it?). But that wasn’t a prediction. Lala won’t die in the next book. She’s the scariest damn person in the whole series, except maybe Mornhavon (for NOW!). Yeah, she’s gonna be a bad ass. Poor kid. In our world, she’d be getting an individualized education plan that doesn’t involve using her blood in mean magical spells. In Karigan’s world, she’s powerful, not terribly relate-able, and somewhat unpredictable (despite this, my prediction that she will become a force with which to be reckoned stands).

Where was I… oh yeah, Estral is going to get her voice back. If it can be magically taken, it can be magically returned.

Grandmother isn’t going to last much longer. She’s not necessary to the plot, and lately, all she’s done is groan and creak and follow the voices in the fire. Lala can do plenty of evil without the groaning or creaking. However, I do HOPE we will find out if it’s Mornhavon she’s been taking orders from this whole time. She certainly did take orders from him towards the end of Blackveil, but was it always him? I think we’re supposed to assume it was; I’d just like it to be made clear (remember, after taking a corporeal form, Mornhavon was like, who’re you?).

And Mornhavon. Ohh, Mornhavon. You just don’t know how to move on. How many books will it take before he’s done? We’ll need to know more about what that mask did to him. Maybe it sent him through time again. I dunno. It’ll probably be cool, whatever happens.

Oh, and our man of many masks (sexy thief, sexy pirate, sexy slave of a witch or something), what’s his name. Amberhill. Seeing as how he’s tagged Estora with his pirate booty, and considering she’s totally got the hots for him, they will see something of each other. Amberhill’s plot will be revealed to be relevant to the proceedings of slaying evil sh*t. No idea how he’s gonna escape Yolandhe. In my ideal world, Estora would have to fight her for Amberhill. Although, I really don’t know how she’d win (Newfound music magic? *shrug* That would probably be more effective than wrestling). Actually, Yolandhe and perhaps various other sea beings could help in the destroying of Mornhavon’s obnoxiously eternal soulless soul-thing.

Will the wall be mended? Or will it fall and all hell will break loose? Can’t call that one. It would help to know how many sleepers remain. Remember, there may be other groves. Or not. But I think there are. Why? Because sleepers can get through the wall, and therefore pose a super scary threat (and, therefore, the wall doesn’t need to fall for all hell to break loose – oh, and all that hard work Estora better put in, ho hum!).

Oh, and can the Berry sisters come back, pretty please? That’s not a prediction because I don’t know what they would do other than be old and awesome. Same with L’il, except she’s dead and awesome. Wasn’t there a cliffhanger concerning her a book or so ago? Yo, KB! The f*ck? Get back to the Green Riders’ history. We’ve had our fun with the Eletians; now we could use some Rider magic.

That’s all I’ve got for now. The rest of my thoughts on Blackveil cannot be organized into this prediction format (too sleepy to remember enough specifics).

But this is not the last you will hear from me about this book. It was like over 500 pages! And, if past publication dates are any indication, it’ll be about 4 years before the next book in the series comes out. Gotta keep myself occupied.