I have SO MANY (carried most of them down to the basement yesterday…). And several I have only barely begun reading – interesting ones, too. But I have book ADD. “Hey, this looks interesting! Oh, my friend recommended this one! This one was referenced in a blog post I read, maybe I should dust it off and read it.”

Goal for July: Pick a book I already own that I have not finished and read it cover to cover.

The Book: How We Decide by Jonah Lehrer

Why (so I can remind myself why I actually need to do this instead of playing WoW): It’ll probably help with characterization. Also, I spent money on it so I might as well get some info out of it.

So now, I’ll just go on down to the basement to retrieve it and prep the baseboard heaters for painting while I’m there, and maybe actually start reading the darn book before I pass out. Maybe. So tired.