Project Circle

Project Circle is the epic tale of three high school girls who save their schools from monsters (schools being full of yummy humansnacks, they often need saving, you see).  Project Circle is the working title, but it’s apt because it began as an email project, the goal of which was to keep in touch with two good friends when I moved to Jersey; and because  no matter what I intend to work on when I edit it, I keep going back to the beginning and rewriting it (I need to name those cops… no, I need to toss them out ’cause they mess up the action… no, but if I do that, then…).

Why am I having such trouble with a novel I technically finished for my senior thesis?  Because I started writing it when I was 15.  And it’s just too big.  239 pages in MS Word.  Single spaced.  That’s 1,072 kb. Why is it so big?  Because I wanted to write about EVERYTHING: Girls with powers (and complicated backstories involving alien relatives, deadly coups and emotionally destabilizing prophecies), fated love, oblivious boys, intergalatic councils (Actually, there’s just one of those.  So far.), misguided minions, purple-furred underlings and one nasty alien queen (with her own complicated backstory, involving alien relatives, deadly coups and some very poor parenting).

I think I’m just going to write the sequel and go back to this later.

Advice from other writers is more than welcome.

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