Basic Info for Easy Skimming:

Name: Audrey
Age: 😛
Location: northeastern United States
Point of Origin: Texas!!!
Occupation: ESL teacher at a university
Future Co-Occupation: author
Education: BA in English, focus in creative writing, minor in Japanese – Rutgers University (Douglass College <-- it's no longer a college. 🙁 ) Ed.M. in ESL Education from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education Big Chunk of Text in 3rd Person:

Audrey is fantasy/sci-fi novelist in the northeastern United States.  Born in Texas, Audrey moved to New Jersey when she was 13, an experience she draws upon when writing about traveling to alien planets.  In her junior year of high school, she was selected to represent her school as its candidate for the creative writing program at the prestigious New Jersey Governor’s School.  Audrey has her masters in ESL education with NJ certification to teach ESL from the Rutgers Graduate School of Education; no, she does not speak Spanish (yet). She graduated from Rutgers University in 2006 with a BA in English, with a focus in creative writing, and a minor in Japanese, which comes in handy when reading the katakana sound effects in manga.  She has been working on her novel, Project Circle, intermittently since she was 15, when not working on one of her four five six? other novels. This novel’s estimated completion date is uncertain, although she did complete a full draft of the novel and an accompanying essay on conventions in young adult fantasy literature for her Mabel Smith Douglass Senior Honors Thesis.  Audrey sometimes writes short stories and poems (lol), but focuses primarily on writing the first halves of epic tales of adventure, which feature strong female leads and, occasionally, handsome men with antlers, because, why not?  Her current goal is to finish a dern novel before she dies.  Audrey welcomes your support in this endeavor!  Please visit her blog, where she details this process, by clicking “Home.”