Vampire Novel

And why not?

This story is still being written and edited. It will be reposted at some point when I fully revamp the site.


When Vera Watson’s parents move the family from Texas to New Jersey, Vera is certain she’ll never fit in with her peers, who don’t believe she’s never owned a cow, and who don’t tolerate such gauche behavior as wiping grease off pizza before eating it.  Only Vera’s fellow literary magazine editors and Henry, an awkward boy in her algebra class, don’t mind her foreign mannerisms, but Vera isn’t sure she wants to be friends with them.  Sophia, the literary magazine’s art editor, warns Vera that the other editors have odd… interests;  Sophia herself is a busybody, although she actually does help Vera by getting her cousin – the oddly quiet Henry – to tutor her in math.  Due to Henry’s OCD handicap and tendency to walk into walls, Vera isn’t surprised when his weirdness increases after one of their acquaintances is murdered.  She is a bit shocked that he claims to know something about the murderer: the killer is barely alive – and about to strike again!

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