There are many.  There are always many.

The first to be published is a short story about a girl with what some in the non-magical world consider an unfortunate name…

Ulrykah Fletcher never quite fit in at regular school, but when she started at Pender Academy, a well-respected college of magic, she expected that would change.  But after managing to befriend only two classmates (and one magical creature) her first year, it turns out it’s not about magic – she’s just terrible at making friends.  And now that she’s a sophomore prefect, she’s even less likely to receive invitations to forbidden parties where she could totally-not-flirt with that cute guy she’s been secretly crushing on since last year.  No, she’ll be too busy dealing with bratty dorm-mates, investigating the creepy dungeon, and spying on a certain mysterious character – all while studying hard to keep her scholarship.  At least the monster that was loose on campus is probably gone…

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