Losing a computer is never easy, but it’s particularly difficult in the first semester of grad school.

Goodbye, Alyssa. I’ll miss you, especially your nice dedicated volume buttons. *sniffles*

And now, hello, Miko! She’s so cute and sleek! Cannot wait to play WoW on her… after I find time to install it…

The best part about having my own computer is I can write things and SAVE THEM ON MY HARD DRIVE. Mmm. Warm fuzzies.

I DID write a few paragraphs on my friend’s Mac in some RTF thingamajig, but the feeling of emailing it to myself and tagging it for future saving and backing up just didn’t cut it. This is not to imply that I heart the new Word (You are trying too hard to be pretty – stop being jealous of Mac things!); What is with those menus, srsly. But despite my gripes, it’s at least familiar, and easier than actually using a writing implement to like, DRAW little phonetic symbols, ha ha (I know, Scott Westerfeld, that was a terrible thing to say).

By the way, did you know the English language has 45 phonemes, but only 26 letters?? Speaking of which, I think I have a paper to write… ON MIKO! WOOT!

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