Life sounds more interesting in rhyme

exhibit A:

On my way home I stopped and picked up some Chinese food.

exhibit B:

Driving down Easton Ave
Listening to Weird Al’s “Eat It”
Rolling down Easton Ave
Weird Al says to eat it
Tummy’s grumbling, better feed it
No time to find an egg or beat it
Easton Ave – it will provide me
Food and I will eat it

Scent of pizza’s in the air
But Tummy wants Chinese
Falafel and Jamaican fare
But Tummy wants Chinese
Sisi don’t like your Cantonese
But I’ve only got my Tum to please
Don’t care about your dialect
My tummy wants Chinese

Following my Tummy’s lead
Going to Noodle Gourmet
Jaywalking in kitten heels
To get to Noodle Gourmet
Don’t have any cash to pay
But the ATMs one store away
Credit card minimum monster strikes
Tonight at Noodle Gourmet

Picking up the menu
What do I wanna chew?
Folding up the menu
Know what I wanna chew
Cookie says try something new
But Taste Buds say the hell with you
California Noodles crunch
They’re what I wanna chew

My life is so boring but I am full. SO FULL.

2 thoughts on “Life sounds more interesting in rhyme

  1. Exhibit B does indeed make a very typical activity sound far more interesting. It’s all in the way you tell it, well done.

    P.S. You have an uncanny ability to rhyme any word with itself 🙂

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