Sometimes a story requires a castle. This is probably fine for people who have actually been in castles, but if you’ve never seen one IRL, it can be intimidating.

I’ve actually been to one castle, in Madrid, that won’t do at all as a model for what I have in mind. It was very square. I need something more interesting, like Hogwarts, which is fantastically awesome and which I don’t think I could ever have designed. How did J. K. do it?

It’s plan-making time.

Step 1 – research castles. Did you know castles were originally designed to be fortresses? Many buildings we call castles today would have been pillaged and burned centuries ago.

Step 2 – figure out whether the above has anything to do with my story. Why was my castle built? How long ago? Was it constructed for its current purpose or for another reason?

Step 3 – forget about Step 2 and look at pictures of castles for three hours. I did this a couple weeks ago. This one‘s nice, as is this one. I’ll probably base my castle off these since I was picturing something like them anyway. I just gotta figure out where everything goes…

Step 4 – complain about the lack of castle floor plans available online.

Step 5 – start grad school, finish grad school, save up enough money for a trip to Germany and go on castle tours.

Step 6 – doodle on graph paper to see what I can come up with.

I’ll let you know how it goes. 😉

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